Please find our most commonly asked questions and the answers to them below.

How Long Will It Take to Convert My Loft?

As a guide, the typical build time for an average loft conversion is between 6-8 weeks from start to finish. This varies from loft to loft for a variety of reasons, including the size of the loft conversion, and the technicalities which go into the build process. For instance, a small conversion may have a more complex structure vs a large one with an uncomplex structure. These structures could both take the same amount of time, although the M3 volume of the project is vastly difficult. Once we have seen your property, we can provide you with a more accurate timeframe from start to finish. Another thing to consider here is the style of conversion you are having. Please refer to our Loft Conversions page for further information. Velux-only conversions usually take the least amount of time. Whereas, rear box dormers, mansards, hip to gables, and L-shape conversions require more time to carry out.

Do You Provide Decorating Services?

Many of our customers prefer to decorate their new loft space themselves, however, we are more than happy to quote for decorating.

Do You Provide Bathroom Suites?

We generally budget in our quotes for the labour-only aspects to install a toilet, sink, shower/bath, and a towel rail. This is an estimated figure which is subject to change, depending on the products you have select. What we like to do is provide our customers with measurements and suitability of bathroom appliances. You, the customer, will then be able to go out and purchase your desired suite that will work well and makes the most out of the space you have.

How Many Electrical Points Do You Provide?

In our standard package, we provide a total of 10 downlights, 5 double sockets, 1 extractor fan and isolator switch for the bathroom 1 pendant and 2 2-way switches controlling the pendant above the new staircase from the first floor (ground floor if bungalow), and the new second floor landing (first floor if bungalow). Many customers like to upgrade the number of points provided for various reasons.

What Differentiates You from Other Loft Conversion Companies?

We like to take a personal approach to the building process. Ollie and Dave who you will meet for the initial quotation will also be building your loft conversion. This has many benefits. Firstly, it minimises the number of people you need to liaise with as our previous experience of working with companies has proven that last-minute changes are likely to occur mid-build. These unexpected changes result in tools being put down while negotiations are carried out with the office. To avoid this loss of time in our conversions, we give you answers immediately onsite. Secondly, we do a thorough inspection of your home when we come around to offer our initial estimation. This is to ensure we can relay accurately the way we want to build the loft to our architect and structural engineer. What this also does is makes our life as builders easier as we can negotiate around any structural issues by using our experience, so that the loft gets designed in the most efficient way possible, this benefits you, the customer, as it will speed up the build process dramatically. Commonly, but not always in bigger companies, these issues are not always noticed until the builder has opened up and begun work. As a result, building work may need to halt in order for the structural engineer to redesign beams and negotiate problems. We believe this is far from ideal, and our ability to spot problems before work has begun means that we have a more efficient way of doing things. 

When we first come over, we will provide you with an estimated cost of the conversion based on our experience. We do not like to provide you with a finalised quotation on the spot until we have drawings and structural calculations drawn up. This is provided by our independent architect who we work closely with on our projects. This is charged at a price of £1,750 plus VAT. We will then come back to you with a finalised and fixed quotation. From our experience of working for larger conversion companies, it is not uncommon for hidden costs to become apparent mid-way through the build. We do not believe in this, and the only way for this not to occur is to price the job on a set of drawings and calculations as anything else is a guesstimate. If you're not happy with our quotation, the drawings are yours to keep and can be used by other builders.

Someone Else Has Offered a Cheaper Quote, Can You Match It?

Within reason, we are open to discussion.

What Guarantee Do You Provide?

We offer a 10-year guarantee on all structural work and a 25-year guarantee on our Firestone™ rubber roofing systems.

Will the Loft Conversion Conform to Building Regulations?

At Lofty Ideas London, building a solid loft conversion is paramount to our values, and for our customers’ peace of mind. This is why we do not use private building inspectors, and instead, use local authority building control (LABC). We carry out a full plans submission to the LABC prior to starting work. Once they give the green light, we then begin the project with the LABC inspecting our work at set stages to ensure everything is being built to regulation. We also keep up to date on changing regulations to ensure every project is built to the highest possible standards.

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